Adriana Santana Conceicao
On-Campus - Master of Engineering (Electrical)

If you believe that adding the qualification you’re completing or the ones you completed are not worth sharing, just read how 新蒲萄京官方载首页 student Adriana Santana...

Don Roshan Sanjeewa Subasinghe
Master of Engineering (Industrial Automation)

Moving from Electronical Engineering to Industrial Automation was a keen move by this 新蒲萄京官方载首页 Master of Industrial Automation student. While working as an electrical engineer...

Santosh Pandey
On-Campus - Master of Engineering (Mechanical)

For Master of Engineering student, Santosh Pandey, 2022 is turning into a year of new experiences. Santosh is gearing up to complete his Master of...

Mariam Sheriff
52884WA Advanced Diploma of Mechanical Engineering Technology

Mariam Sheriff is the round head in the square hole, from mastering mechanical engineering textbooks to penning her own novel. Mariam graduated with a 52884WA...

Louis Sikombwa
Advanced Diploma of Applied Electrical Engineering (Power Industry)

Video killed the radio star, but TV gave live to more engineers – so the trade-off isn't necessarily bad. Louis Sikombwa completed a 52726WA Advanced...

Francesca O'Connor
52883WA Advanced Diploma of Applied Electrical Engineering (Electrical Systems)

新蒲萄京官方载首页 student Francesca O'Connor knows the value of education. Francesca O'Connor lives in Sydney, Australia. She graduated with a 52883WA Advanced Diploma of Applied Electrical...

Ashneel Prasad
52883WA Advanced Diploma of Applied Electrical Engineering (Electrical Systems)

As the year winds down it's fantastic to know how 新蒲萄京官方载首页 students managed to still complete their individual courses, modules and inch their way closer...

Randall September
52883WA Advanced Diploma of Applied Electrical Engineering (Electrical Systems)

For the purists, Randall September’s pathway in studying engineering makes complete sense. He loves science, and he wants to know everything about it. For the...

Thatanyana Adeku
52857WA Advanced Diploma of Plant Engineering

Being a student is one thing. Studying while working in the mining sector of Botswana is another. Thatanyana Adeku has recently completed his 52857WA Advanced...

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